January 25, 2007

Best-selling Open Innovation Book?

So far there have been a total of three books on open innovation. The original 2003 book by Henry Chesbrough is also now in paperback.

What are readers buying? As of this morning, this is the order of the Amazon rankings:
[Open Business Models]Open Business Models is what’s new for those who have to apply open innovation, while Researching a New Paradigm provides multiple research perspectives for those want to know more about the concepts behind it. I expect it to remain the best-selling open innovation book throughout 2007.

The relatively strong sales of Researching a New Paradigm — despite its high list price and its academic bent — are somewhat surprising. However, Amazon has finally cut the street price. As the one who first appproached Oxford about publishing the book, I’m glad to hear it’s finally catching on.

The Amazon data don’t allow us to combine the sales of the paperback and hardback editions to get a combined ranking for the original Open Innovation book. But it’s clear that it’s continuing to sell in spite (because of?) the release of two new books in the past six months.

Of course, all three (four) books are from Chesbrough, who first identified the phenemonon and is director of Berkeley’s Center for Open Innovation. Still, there are already a wide range of research articles about open innovation to suggest that the phenomenon has captured the interest of a wide range of innovation researchers.

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