January 31, 2008

CFP: Open R&D and Open Innovation

Building on his successful special issue on open innovation in the June 2006 issue of R&D Management, Oliver Gassmann of the University of St. Gallen is now organizing a second special issue. However, this time he’s landed Henry Chesbrough, author of three books on open innovation who is credited with coining the term. The two are joined by a third co-editor, Ellen Enkel of UniSG, who (AFAIK) is the only academic other than Chesbrough whose job is to run an open innovation center.

This year’s theme is “Open R&D and Open Innovation”. Drafts of the papers are due this year in abstract (May 8) or final (July 6) form, with final manuscripts at the end of 2008, presumably for publication in 2009.

The editors are also planning on partnering with three related conferences:which I take as a hint that authors planning on submitting to the special issue should attend one of these conferences.

Personally, I hope to submit an open innovation paper to the DRUID 25th anniversary conference, but its February 29 deadline is coming up quick.

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