August 5, 2008

Cumulative, open and user innovation (II)

At this week’s HBS-MIT User and Open Innovation workshop, this afternoon I’m presenting my own work on open innovation networks (Room Hawkes 102, 2pm!).

With about 80 papers, it’s not possible for everyone to present their paper to the entire conference; instead, they are split across 11 tracks. To maximize the knowledge flow, organizers have used an interesting format: each presenter gets 5 minutes to sell his/her talk to the entire plenary, so that people can decide which of four parallel sessions to attend in the afternoon.

80% of my slides this morning are summarizing my afternoon talk, but after hearing Monday’s sessions, I decided to add a slide to add plug for open innovation (which has been conspicuously absent in name and theory here).

In particular, my new slide showed the table drawn from my EURAM talk last year comparing cumulative, open and user innovation. The comparison of these three models of cooperative innovation will be the focus of my talk next Monday at the Academy in Anaheim, during the user (and open) innovation symposium organized by Marcel Bogers of EPFL.

I felt a little awkward making such a blatant plug, but (I claim) my motives were pure. My hope was that the user innovation attendees would use the terms in commensurable fashion, and perhaps take an interest in the growing body of research on open innovation.

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