December 30, 2008

Bringing Open Innovation to Latin America

Last month for Global Entrepreneurship Week, I was invited to speak at a half-day seminar in Santiago, Chile entitled “Seminario Innovacion Abierta = Conectando Conocimiento”. (Translation: “Open Innovation Seminar = Connecting Knowledge”).

It was a great honor to speak at the event. The opening speaker was Hugo Lavados, the Minister of Economy for the Chilean government. I spoke last to allow for the uncertainty of arrival time and the risk of delay for my redeye flight from Los Angeles. (We need not have worried, as the LAN Chile flight arrived promptly at 6am).

Earlier, I posted a summary of open innovation readings for the seminar participants. The slides for the event have now been posted to the seminar website; naturally, all slides but my own are in Spanish.

The slides include the minister’s talk as well as an interesting talk by a representative of Minera Los Pelambres, Chile’s major copper mine. Not included is the talk by Dupont that I summarized earlier on this blog.

The summary of my qualifications, alas, embellishes things a bit. I am a collaborator of the famous Henry Chesbrough on open innovation but one of many (and one of two on the second Open Innovation book). Still, it was a pleasure to bring the discussion of open innovation to Chile, a country that has historically relied on natural resources (mining and farming) rather than industry for its economic growth.

Prof. Chesbrough himself has been spreading the open innovation message in Latin America, including a visit last June to Brazil. His presentation is on YouTube and his slides are posted to

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