March 6, 2009

Collaboration Systems for Open Innovation

Three Swedish academics are hosting a new forum for open innovation research, a minitrack at the annual HICSS conference.

The minitrack, entitled “Collaboration Systems for Open Innovation” is hosted by Stefan Hrastinski and Mats Edenius of Uppsala University and Niklas Z. Kviselius of the Stockholm School of Economics.

Here is the summary:
Hitherto, research on IT and open innovation has mainly explored how open innovation practices can stimulate the development of novel technologies. However, little research has studied how information technologies can support open innovation practices. ….
In this minitrack, we welcome papers that explore how various collaboration systems can enable and support open innovation in inter-organizational and intra-organizational settings, and in user and consumer networks.
The way HICSS works, there are minitracks and track. Each minitrack is 3-10 papers, but the broader tracks have a little more thematic coherence.

HICSS is an interesting conference; I ran a minitrack there for five years on standards and standardization. The conference is well suited for those with interests in MIS or CS, with all the various tracks and sessions in this area. Plus, of course, it’s in Hawai‘i: people love the environment and always seem to be in a good mood.

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