November 5, 2009

Influential O/U/CI research

Here’s some quick citation counts of O/U/CI research as reported by Google Scholar. (For a discussion of some of these works, see my Nov. 2008 recommended O/U/CI bibliography).

Open innovation:
Other relevant work by Henry Chesbrough:
  • Chesbrough and Rosenbloom, “The role of the business model in capturing value from innovation…” Industrial and Corporate Change (2002): 454
  • Chesbrough, Open Business Models (2006): 203

User innovation:
  • von Hippel, “Innovation by user communities,” Sloan Management Review (2001): 324
  • Morrison, Roberts and von Hippel, “Determinants of user innovation and innovation sharing…” Management Science (2000): 168
Lead users:
  • von Hippel, “Lead users: A source of novel product concepts,” Management Science (1986): 1193
Other relevant work by Eric von Hippel:

Collective invention:
  • Allen, “Collective invention,” JEBO (1983): 499
  • Nuvolari, “Collective invention…Cornish pumping engine,” CJE (2004): 89
Cumulative innovation:
  • Chang, “Patent scope, antitrust policy, and cumulative innovation,” Rand (1995): 197
Relevant work by Suzanne Scotchmer:
  • Scotchmer, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” JEP (1991): 671
  • Scotchmer, Innovation and Incentives (2004): 393
  • Green and Scotchmer, “On the division of profit in sequential innovation,” Rand (1995): 383

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