November 16, 2009

Open innovation ecosystems

At the 2008 UOI conference, I presented a paper on Symbian’s ecosystem management efforts and what it told us about the problem of firms using value networks for their open innovation strategies. Of course, it draws on the discussion of value networks in the final section of the 2006 book — the section that was (under our decentralized production process) was shepherded by Wim Vanhaverbeke.

I haven’t circulated the paper, but have engineering students using it as a conceptual basis for their study of the Android and iPhone application stores. I also have been using an abridged version as a rough case with my MBA students to make the point about ecosystem management. I’d be glad to share the case and notes if anyone’s interested.

The paper itself is sitting on my desk awaiting revision, but given the interest it’s sparked locally I thought I’d share it more widely.

Since there’s recently a raft of new open innovation research published, it also needs updating to reflect the state of the art. Suggestions are welcome.


Unknown said...

Thanks Joel.

Unknown said...

Hi Joel, I have been studying the open innovation topic from the perspective of leadership for my master thesis project. I would like to answer the question of how open collaboration can effectively be managed especially when looking at multinationals that have distributed R&D labs around the world. With the ecosystem as a key influential driver, I'd be interested in your latest paper (Android/iPhone case) and it'd be great if you can share this with me (contact Thanks!