March 24, 2010

CFP: OUI 2010

The call for papers has been issued for the “8th Annual International Open and User Innovation Workshop,” aka OUI 2010.

I had a great time at OUI 2009 and UOI 2008, due to the stimulating combination of early stage research and first-rate innovation minds. I now do everything I can (within university travel budgets) to attend each year. In 2008 I attended UOI (née User Innovation Workshop) to learn more about User Innovation, and felt like a fish out of water as one of the few OI researchers. However, in Hamburg last year there was a significant contingent of OI researchers, including a few from host TUHH.

OUI 2010 will be hosted by MIT and held in Cambridge from August 2-4, 2010. Host Eric von Hippel asks that participants limit their submissions to topics directly related to the CFP, as the conference has been growing exponentially over recent years and (due to logistical reasons) is limited to 150 participants.

The timing is intended so that international visitors can leave OUI and head north to Montreal, where the Academy of Management begins August 8. Other people will be heading to Montréal in time for the August 6 start of PDW sessions. I will be among them, so I can speak at Frank Piller and Holger Schiele’s PDW session Saturday afternoon called “Open Innovation with Suppliers.”

Note: 2008 was the User and Open Innovation Workshop, but 2009 and now 2010 workshops are actually Open and User Innovation (as in 2010). I have corrected the 2009 posts to reflect this.

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