May 5, 2010

References for Open Innovation and Beyond

On Wednesday I am giving a keynote talk entitled “Distributed Perspectives on Innovation: Open Innovation, User Innovation and Beyond” at a conference at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen.

I see the talk as an extension of my ongoing work on OUCI. As with all invited talks, it is a great privilege and honor to be invited to speak at such an event.

For the people who were in the room, I wanted to post some references to the topics I talked about:
This is not a comprehensive list of the material, but are most of the links where I could find URLs (without an Internet connect) at 38,000' over the North Atlantic en route to giving the talk.

I thought the references might also be useful to new readers of the blog. I hope to post my slides and additional thoughts late this week or next week after I get home.

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