August 2, 2010

Anticipating another 54 hours of UI and OI

I’m here this morning at the first day of 8th Annual International Open and User Innovation Workshop at MIT at Cambridge, Mass. We will be going until 1pm on Wednesday. After an introduction by Eric von Hippel, we have started the blitz of 2-minute capsule overviews of 25 long papers being presented today.
The program is up at the official conference web page, and I have a slightly more organized listing of the talks posted at the website

I counted 124 talks: 61 full papers (almost all with the 2 minute tease) and 63 "research updates” which only have the tease. One of the co-organizers, Mako (Benjamin Hill), said that 180+ attendees are registered.

Last year in Hamburg there were 31 full papers and 44 “in progress” submissions. As with the 2008 Harvard-MIT conference, the US workshops remain significantly larger than the European ones.

With this many papers, it’s going to be like drinking from a firehose, but as in previous years, I’ll try to highlight both trends and interesting snippets.

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