August 6, 2010

Dare to Care about Open Innovation!

When titled this post, my co-author Marcel Bogers joked “that should have been a paper.” But of course “Dare to Care” is the theme of this year’s Academy of Management annual meeting being held in Montréal. But then all of us have probably used a goofy framing to fit an AOM conference theme (at least until we learned that it didn’t matter).

For the benefit of blog readers, I thought I’d mention the open innovation sessions that I’m planning on attending. This is of course is a personal list, and only reflects the opinions of the management of because we are one and the same!

A keyword search of the program lists 19 main program sessions and 2 PDW that mention “open innovation” in any way shape or form.

One of these mentions open innovation in the title: “Open Innovation with Suppliers” at 4:45pm on Saturday. Two of the four panelists (Herr Doktor Frank Piller, Herr Doktor Joel West) would be considered recognized open innovation scholars. Our web page lists the draft schedule.

The goal of our PDW is to link open innovation with the prior literature on supplier/producers cooperation. IMHO open innovation should be doing more of this, creating bridges to established pools of literature that informs both sides.

The other session that mentions open innovation as a keyword is “Open Science and its implications for science-based business,” with distinguished speaker Fiona Murray. I hope to attend this session at 12:15pm Saturday if my schedule permits.

Of the 19 sessions that mention open innovation in some capacity, the only other one that I’m sure I’ll attend is “Innovation Styles: Contrasts and Similarities” at 1:15pm on Tuesday. There we will be presenting new and improved version of our open/user/cumulative innovation research — continuing from our O/U/CI paper at OUI2009, my O/U/CI talk at the Center for Open Innovation last September, and presenting in more depth that I previewed in Göttingen in my talk on May 5. This is a conventional (PPT) paper presentation and we’re scheduled to be up first (i.e. 1:15-1:45).

My feelings won’t be hurt if OI scholars skip our session, the next to last of the conference. After all, there are three other sessions that mention “open innovation” being offered at the same time — one a paper session and the others a “division roundtable.” In fact, I won’t be attending a lot of OI sessions on Tuesday other than my own since I’m assigned to sessions during three of the first four slots. (During the 5th I’ll expect to be sharing a taxi with Christopher Lettl.)

A total of nine sessions Tuesday mention open innovation, and two of those (including mine) also mention user innovation. A third UI session features Jennifer Wooley and Tammy Madsen of Santa Clara doing a roundtable presentation on business user innovation, but I have to be in another room at the same time.

Given my Tuesday is so regimented, I haven’t made any firm plans for Monday but will play it by ear. There are 10 sessions to choose from, and three other sessions that are about user innovation. (Monday has one “cumulative innovation” session, while our O/U/CI talk Tuesday is the only other one in Montréal.)

Marcel has asked me to mention his own open innovation paper in a session entitled “Open Innovation and Learning” Monday at 4:45pm, but since I’m not on the paper I’m not going to give it a plug. However, I am tempted to hear Gary Dushnitsky present in the same session since I’ve been reading his entrepreneurship stuff for years but never met him.

For those who want to begin their Monday with O/U/CI, at 9:45am the session “Co-Creating Knowledge” will be a reunion of OUI2010 participants (and perhaps papers) in a division roundtable. The cast includes Pedro Oliveira/Eric von Hippel, Christian Lüthje/Alexandra Katharina Huener/Christoph Stockstrom of TUHH, and Johann Fueller of Innsbruck.

In offering recommendations, I feel a bit like my days as a movie reviewer  — and probably about as many people will follow my recommendations.  (At least then I got to see the show before offering a recommendation.)

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