June 29, 2011

Oui! We're coming to Vienna

The opening of #OUI2011 is less than a week away. The 9th International Open and User Innovation Workshop is sponsored by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at WU (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien).

The first social event will be Sunday evening, and the program runs from Monday morning until lunchtime Wednesday. Seven keynote (plenary) talks are planned:
  1. Eric von Hippel – User Innovation: The Big Picture
  2. Carliss Baldwin – Open and User Innovation in Business Ecosystems
  3. Dietmar Harhoff – User Communities
  4. Karim Lakhani – Crowdsourcing
  5. Christian Lüthje – Lead User Research
  6. Sonali Shah – User Entrepreneurship
  7. Nikolaus Franke – Toolkits for User Innovation and Design
I will be chairing the roundtable (interactive paper) session on open innovation Monday afternoon, and presenting a paper co-authored with Marcel Bogers in the open innovation paper session Wednesday morning.

It will be odd spending 4th of July in a foreign country (only the 2nd time I’ve ever done so), but I’m looking forward to seeing all my colleagues. Hopefully I’ll be over my jet lag and adjusted to Central European Time by then.

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