March 27, 2012

Crowdsourcing crowdsourcing

I hate to post over the year's most important blog posting — the special issue on open innovation — but today teaching about open and user innovation at KGI I saw a news item that couldn’t resist.

While we were discussing Karim Lakhani’s InnoCentive teaching case, one of my students went to the website and spotted this on the Challenge Center:
Submit a compelling descriptor of Crowdsourcing Innovation

TAGS: Business/Entrepreneurship, Ideation
AWARD: $500 USD | DEADLINE: 3/31/12 | ACTIVE SOLVERS: 685 | POSTED: 3/01/12

InnoCentive will award one (1) Solver with a $500 Challenge award for providing the most compelling descriptor of Crowdsourcing Innovation that does not incorporate “prizes” and “contests”.

Source: InnoCentive Challenge ID: 10300000006
I'm sure blog readers would be well qualified to win this competition (assuming there aren’t too many submissions already).

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