June 25, 2012

Open Innovation workshop: Day One

This morning we kicked off the two-day open innovation workshop (#OI2012) at Imperial College London. The four editors of the special issues were on hand to hear Ben Martin (lead editor of Research Policy) talk about 20 challenges for innovation studies going forward.

We have a very impressive lineup of 22 papers and 8 posters which promise to move the study of open innovation forward. With 60 attendees registered — all interested in open innovation — the two days promise to have a vigorous discussion of the papers and the field going forward.

We are quite pleased with the participation of authors and attendees. The vigorous discussion should help both the individual papers and the overall portfolio of work that we receive in August for the Research Policy special issue.

Below is the program for this week’s conference:

First Plenary Session; Chair: Ammon Salter
  • Alfonso Gambardella, Claudio Panico: Closed or Open Models? Investigating the Governance of Open Innovation
  • Jingshu Du, Bart Leten, Wim Vanhaverbeke: Does Open Innovation Improve the Performance of R&D Projects?
  • Alex Alexiev: Firm Openness in the Pursuit of Exploratory Innovation: The Role of the Organization Information Environment
Second Plenary Session; Chair: Henry Chesbrough
  • Andrea Mina, Elif Bascavusoglu-Moreau, Alan Hughes: Open Service Innovation And The Firm's Search For External Knowledge
  • Rene Belderbos, Bruno Cassiman, Dries Faems, Bart Leten, Bart Van Looy: Costs and Benefits of Open Innovation: Partner Heterogeneity in Technology Alliances
  • Ana Luiza de Araújo Burcharth, Mette Praest Knudsen, Helle Alsted Søndergaard: Disentangling Open Innovation Practices, The Use Of Inter-Organizational Relationships And Their Mutual Impact On Innovation Performance
Third Plenary Session; Chair: Wim Vanhaverbeke
  • Teppo Felin, Todd Zenger: Open Innovation, Problem-Solving and the Theory of the Firm
  • Georg von Krogh, Martin Wallin, Jan Henrik Sieg: A problem in becoming: How firms formulate sharable problems for innovation contests
  • Benedikt Langner, Victor Seidel: Competing with friends: A field study of community-based competitions at Threadless and Local Motors
  • Katja Hutter, Johann Füller, Carina Thurridl: When the Crowd gets Messy – How to Avoid Open Innovation Disasters?
Poster Session and Conference Dinner
  • Karolin Frankenberger, Dirk Voelz, Oliver Gassmann: Network Embeddedness and Performance of Open Innovation Initiatives: The Role Network Type
  • Rasmus Koss Hartmann, Christoph Hienerth: Public Sector Organizations as ‘User Innovators’: Openness in the Development of Regulation Inside Government
  • Steven Casper, Marcela Miozzi: Contracting for Innovation in Science Based Industry: the Evolution of Industry Partnerships with Universities
  • Gordon Müller-Seitz, Jorg Sydow: Open Innovation at the Interorganizational Network Level – Collaborative Practices in a Semiconductor Industry Consortium
  • Massimo Colombo, Evila Piva, Francesco Rentocchini, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra: Collaboration with the Open Source Community and Entrepreneurial Ventures’ Innovation Performance: The Depth and Breadth of Community Knowledge Leveraging
  • Lance Newey, Stephanie Schleimer: Open but not Dynamic: How Open Innovation Differs as a Dynamic Capability Across Firms
  • Volker Nestle, Florian Täube: Open Innovation in Clusters – Framework and Empirical Evidence on the Effects of cluster Management in R&D-Intensive Industries
  • Robin Teigland, Paul Di Gangi, Zeynep Yetis: Setting The Stage: Exploring The Sustainability Of A Private-Collective Community
Fourth Plenary Session; Chair: Joel West
  • John Hagedoorn, Ann-Kristin Ridder: Open Innovation, Contracts, and Intellectual Property Rights: An Exploratory Empirical Study
  • Linus Dahlander, Henning Piezunka: Cultivating Openness Through Relationships With Communities
  • Frank Piller, Christoph Ihl, Philipp Wagner: Organizing for Open Innovation - Aligning Internal Structure and External Knowledge Sourcing
Fifth Plenary Session; Chair: Henry Chesbrough
  • Keld Laursen, Ammon Salter: The Paradox of Openness: Appropriability and the Use of External Sources of Knowledge for Innovation
  • Andy Cosh, Joanne Zhang: Ambidexterity and Open Innovation in Small and Medium Sized Firms
  • Letizia Mortara, Simon Ford, Tim Minshall, David Probert: Inbound Open Innovation: a Technology Acquisition Process Model
Sixth Plenary Session; Chair: Joel West
  • Cord Grünewald, Cornelius Herstatt: Control vs. Grow: The Influence of Selective Openness on Motivation and Perceived Fairness in Open Innovation Communities
  • Massimo Colombo, Evila Piva, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra: Collaborations with the Open Source Community and SMEs
  • Joachim Henkel, Simone Schoberl, Oliver Alexy: The Emergence of Openness: How Firms Discover and Intensify Engagement in Selective Revealing
Seventh Plenary Session; Chair: Ammon Salter
  • Marcel Bogers, Joel West: Innovation Beyond the Firm: Integrating Distributed Perspectives on Innovation Creation and Commercialization
  • Henry Lopez Vega, Frederik Tell, Wim Vanhaverbeke: Intermediated External Knowledge Acquisition: The Knowledge Benefits and Tensions
  • Henry Chesbrough, Eric Chen: The Recovery of Abandoned Compounds: A Proposal for Constructing a Platform for Secondary Markets in Pharmaceutical Drug Development

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