January 28, 2013

Please answer Lars' email!

I'm sure many in the user innovation community have received an email from Lars Frederiksen from the Aarhus business school, imploring us to take his survey “about the evolution of the user and open innovation community." The emails promise to share results at the Open and User Innovation conference next July in Brighton.

The most recent email said:
If you have already completed the survey, we thank you for your kind participation and ask you to disregard the email. In case you have not yet filled in the survey, please begin doing so by clicking the link at the end of this email. In order increase the participation rate, following this last reminder, we will initiate telephone interviews starting January 16th. 2013.
I meant to get around to it, but the first two weeks of the semester have been crazy. So imagine my surprise when Thursday I got a phone call from a Danish research assistant asking me to do the survey over the phone. (I was just leaving to pick up my mom, so I wasn’t able to complete the survey).

My surprise was even greater when I did the math and realized 6 p.m. PST is 3 a.m. CET. I always thought of Scandinavia as a worker’s paradise, but I guess they abuse their grad students and other research assistants in ways that would be unimaginable in Germany (or even a unionized U.S. public university). Suitably chastened, I agreed to fill out my survey in a Monday telephone interview. I hope everyone else does their survey, so that Lars, Oliver Alexy and Anne ter Wal will have something to report in six months.

Update Monday 10:30am: I did my interview this morning with Oana Marilena Vuculescu, who said they would very much appreciate it if others would also answer their emails and phone calls to complete the survey.


Lars Frederiksen said...

Dear Joel - dear all,

Please answer our email request regarding the survey. response rate is important! Taking inspiration from D. Crane's seminal study we are exploring how scientific communities produce knowledge over time.
Oana is working hard to help us finalize this study before she starts her doctoral study with me in Aarhus. She will be developing an agent-based simulation model of crowdsourcing: problem complexity, crowd size, incentive and social strcutures, etc. It will be interesting to follow!
Thanks you so much,

vuk said...

Not abused, but sincerely committed to the 'cause' :).
Thank you prof. West for the advertising! Response rate is really crucial! oana v

Unknown said...

Thanks again Joel - we have made really good progress till now, not least thanks to your posting. We hope that we will have something exciting to present for the upcoming workshop!