February 21, 2013

Better not to emulate our students

My European correspondent this morning shared news that Research Policy has cancelled publication of a forthcoming article on patent commercialization. However, unlike the two 2012 retractions in RP, this was not by Ulrich Lichtenthaler, but by his former PhD supervisor at WHU and frequent co-author, Holger Ernst. Ernst co-authored the paper with James Conley (a clinical professor at Northwestern) and Nils Omland (of PatentSight GmbH, a Bonn IP consultancy).

Unlike the two Lichtenthaler articles, the article was “withdrawn at the request of the authors and editor.” Research Policy refused to let Lichtenthaler withdraw or retract his two articles (after they came under investigation), although the Lichtenthaler retraction at JBV (also an Elsevier publication) was “retracted at the request of the Editor-in-Chief and Author.”

The notice from RP draws a distinction between retraction and withdrawal by pointing to its withdrawal policy. This implies that RP considered Ernst less culpable than Licthenthaler was.

Still, this puts Ernst at five articles retracted or withdrawn, second only to Lichtenthaler’s eight. This is not a race I’d want to win.

Bibliography of Lichtenthaler-Ernst Retracted Articles
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