March 24, 2013

Unconfirmed retraction report

It’s been a month since any news on open innovation retractions. I know from comments at conferences and via email that this topic is among the most closely read categories on this blog — perhaps ahead of news of Dr. Chesbrough himself and certainly more eagerly awaited than blatant self-promotion of my own work.

I got an email Thursday afternoon that included a copy of an email from a journal editor mentioning the withdrawal of three open innovation-related articles and the pending announcement of two retractions. Doing a quick Google search, I found a blog that also included the same email. On Thursday night I posted an blog entry that linked to the other blog and quoted the email.

On Friday that blog had been removed from WordPress for violating terms of service. I immediately contacted the editor for direct confirmation of the email’s validity, and removed the blog posting until I heard more. So far I’ve not heard anything.

I will repost the original article as soon as I know that the earlier claims are correct. It is taking longer than I had hoped. I apologize for making such an error and confusing my readers.

I spent two years as a full-time newspaper reporter, and three years as a part-time computer journal columnist. I make no claims of being a journalist today, because my day job is as a college professor. Still, in my six years as a blogger, I’ve tried to use the same processes and standards as I would as a magazine columnist. I should know better than to write based on a single source (in this is case a blogger who e-mailed me) whose reputation could not be independently verified.

In the past I have not posted any rumors of retractions. The truth will eventually come out, and I’m in no rush since I’m not selling newspapers or detergent ads. So if this report is true, then I’ll be able to report it to the community soon enough.

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