October 28, 2013

MOOI: Best practice in open innovation

There's a webinar this Wednesday on improving best practices in OI in companies. The invitation came in an email from my friend and co-author Wim Vanhaverbeke. It’s hard to imagine that any reader of this blog is not on Wim’s email list, but for the sake of Google® searches, I thought it was important to summarize and link to the post.

The October 30 webinar will talk about Project MOOI, which is described as
MOOI – a beautifully ambitious OI best-practice project
In the last decade Open Innovation (OI) has become part of the daily operations of many companies in different sectors of industry. Despite the soaring popularity of OI practices, only few companies succeed in optimally preparing their internal organization for their OI endeavors and thus make effective use of the many opportunities OI has to offer.

Our experience is that finding best practices and good advice is a daunting exercise. We therefore launch a major community based initiative to gather, structure, and evaluate publicly available information on the best OI practices in companies.
The webinar will talk about how managers and other innovation professionals will benefit by joining the community and pooling their best practices.

The presentation will be given by Henry Chesbrough (UC Berkeley & ESADE), Wim Vanhaverbeke (Hasselt, ESADE & NUS), and Nadine Roijakkers (Hasselt). It starts at 4pm CET, 3pm UK, 11am EDT and 8am PDT, and will last 50 minutes. For more information, see the notice on InnovationManagement.se.

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