October 10, 2014

(In)famous OI scholar moving on to next career?

Ulrich Licthenthaler is leaving the University of Mannheim in 5 1/2 months. As reported by RetractionWatch.com earlier today:
According to a terse release from the university (translated from German):

Prof. Dr. Lichtenthaler informed the Rector of the University of Mannheim that he wants to leave the University of Mannheim on March 31, 2015. The state of Baden – W├╝rttemberg has agreed with his wishes.
That’s not an excerpt from the press release — it’s the entire press release.

Due to his problems with self-plagiarism and questionable statistical results, Licthenthaler has 16 retracted papers plus three that were withdrawn after acceptance but prior to online publication. Six (plus three) of these papers were co-authored by Holger Ernst, who remains a faculty member at WHU (where Lichtenthaler completed his PhD and since-cancelled habilitation).

It seems unlikely he will get another position in a German university. People who’ve met Lichtenthaler speculate that he will be leaving academia for another career.

Since journals don’t publish a notice of non-retraction, it’s not clear whether any of more than 20 non-retracted articles are still being considered for retraction. Perhaps his citations will go up if people conclude there’s no risk of further retractions.

Sadly (for more conventional scholars), his most cited article is his 2009 AMJ article that was retracted last December. Google Scholar says 74 articles and working papers that cite the retracted AMJ article been published since it was retracted.

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