November 25, 2014

All-star lineup for 1st World Open Innovation Conference

The schedule for the 1st World Open Innovation Conference has now been posted to the conference website. The conference will be held December 4-5 in Napa Valley, California. Conference host Henry Chesbrough has issued a press release announcing the conference program, which concludes:
“No other innovation conference has gathered so much talent from both industry and academia at the same time in the same place,” Chesbrough said.
On the academic side, the conference features keynotes by David Teece (who wrote the intro to our 2006 book) and Ikujiro Nonaka (who wrote the intro to our 2014 book). There will be 43 papers across 14 sessions, plus 12 posters over wine before the Thursday night dinner. Three of the 43 papers were singled out for showcase presentation because they had the strongest reviews of all submissions:
  • Christoph Hienerth and Frederik Riar: The Architecture of Evaluation Processes in Open Innovation Settings
  • Nicolette Lakemond, Lars Bengtsson, Keld Laursen and Fredrik Tell: The Role of Knowledge Governance in Open Innovation
  • Jonathan Sims: Inbound, Outbound and Coupled Open Innovation Practices in a Community Setting 
Based on their initial reviews, these papers (and nine others) are also invited to participate in the ICC special section.

One important difference from most innovation conferences is the involvement of industry professionals throughout the conference. This includes both keynote sessions, a solution-seeking workshop, a session on industry OI experiences, and a session on OI in the wine industry.

After worrying if we could fill the Silverado Resort, the conference is sold out — with 120 attendees (the room capacity) and a waiting list of would-be attendees being turned away. Given the interest, I think it's safe to say there will be other WOIC conferences in the future.

On behalf of the conference chairs — Chris Tucci, Frank Piller, Henry Chesbrough and Joel West — we look forward to welcoming these 100+ attendees to California and an intense (and hopefully enjoyable) forum for discussing open innovation.

Update Nov 26: Upload and link the revised program released Wednesday.

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