August 22, 2015

Next act for one-time Wunderkind

What do you do if you’re wunderkind innovation scholar, but then — after many (but not all) of your best papers are retracted and you lose your professorial credential — you are forced to negotiate a separation (with generous severance) from your plum chaired professorship?

If you’re only 37 and an multilingual expert in a hot area, your expertise should still be in high demand (except for the minor ethics problem). The two suggestions I heard were: 1) become a consultant or 2) teach in China.

Or how about become a consultant to China?
[Shanghai Business Review]
The START Procedure for Successful Collaboration
June 1, 2015

OVER THE past decades, Chinese businesses have primarily been known for their manufacturing competencies, but they have now turned their attention to innovation. This trend can be observed in light of a regulatory environment in China that strongly pushes innovation, which is a top priority on the government’s agenda. Further, selected Chinese firms aim at technology and market leadership worldwide. Lenovo became the world’s largest maker of computers in 2013, and Alibaba Group handles more transactions than Amazon and eBay combined.

These firms and many others see innovation as a core pillar of their competitive strategies, and they increasingly collaborate with foreign companies. … Nonetheless, many of the ideas for potentially fruitful innovation collaborations are not realised, despite the underlying business logic. With these realities in mind, this article presents a five-step procedure for successful innovation collaboration.

The importance of new technology and innovation continues to grow in Chinese firms. In this respect, the internal innovation projects of Chinese firms may be complemented by collaborations with Western companies. … For such collaborations, however, the support of an external consultant in selecting the right partner, entering the collaboration, and managing the ongoing work is critical. … The START procedure is thus a valuable guide and tool for enabling Chinese firms’ managers to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of innovation-related collaborations with Western partners.

About the Author: Dr. Ulrich Lichtenthaler is an innovation and strategy expert at Technology Excellence Consulting, Germany. Technology Excellence Consulting is a leading management consultancy specializing in the successful management of innovation and technology.
The TEC website does not list the name of their most famous consultant, but an article published earlier this year lists his address as:
Technology Excellence Consulting
Unternehmensberatung für Management von Innovation & Technologie
Carl-Feichtner-Ring 7
83714 Miesbach
My German geography isn’t very good, but Google says that Miesbach is 400 km (4 hours) from Mannheim — about 50 km south of München in Bavaria, near the Austrian border.

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