August 6, 2015

Researching Open Innovation @ AOM 2015

For a second year at #AOM2015, Marcel Bogers has organized a PDW on “Researching Open Innovation” to help OI researchers discuss and develop their open innovation research. Session #140 will be held Friday from 1:00-3:00 pm in Vancouver Convention Centre East. Room #001 looks like it will hold more than 120 people, which is fortunate given last year’s strong demand.

Last year, Marcel was at the U. Southern Denmark and organized the session with Ann-Kristin Zobel, then a postdoc with Henry Chesbrough at UC Berkeley. This year, Marcel (recently moved to the University of Copenhagen) organized the session with Agnieszka Radziwon (a PhD student at U. Southern Denmark) and Jonathan Sims (an assistant professor at Babson College).

As before, the strength of the program is the breadth of the mentors/discussion leaders running the discussions at the various tables. Here is the lineup for Friday:
  1. The role of individuals in open innovation: Linus Dahlander, Ann Majchrzak
  2. Open innovation & entrepreneurship: John Ettlie, Stefan Haefliger, Satish Nimbisan
  3. Strategy & business models: (see #2)
  4. Users & communities: Ian McCarthy, Joel West
  5. Crowdsourcing & crowdfunding: Allan Afuah, Cristina Rossi-Lamastra
  6. Open innovation in ecosystems: Sabine Brunswicker, Annabelle Gawer
  7. Industry / Regional Innovation Systems: Keld Laursen, Frank Piller
  8. Social/societal aspects of open innovation: Esteve Almirall, Dennis Hilgers
Unfortunately, neither Agnieszka and (at the last minute) Marcel will be able to make it. Frank Piller and I will be helping Jonathan execute on Marcel’s proven formula.

This looks to be one of the two most important open innovation sessions in Vancouver this summer (the other being the OI+business models session featuring Chesbrough, Lettl and Tucci on Sunday morning).

We look forward to seeing all our current (and future) OI colleagues tomorrow afternoon.

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