November 18, 2015

WOIC 2015, Day 0

#WOIC2015 — the 2nd World Open Innovation Conference — began today. Although the academic program doesn’t start until 10:30 am Thursday, a lucky few spent the afternoon at Google for a lunch, tour and briefing. (As with the overall WOIC, there was a waiting list for the tour).

Tonight we had the opening reception, and then an informal keynote by conference chair Henry Chesbrough before dinner. Because of the available plane flights from the LA region — and teaching commitments — I had to skip the reception and joined the dinner a half hour late.

Still, I had a chance to visit with the participants during and after dinner, as well as see the layout for the next two days’ sessions. (A complete program with last minute revisions is now online). It’s quite clear our authors are thrilled to be here. As with 2014, we have a great group of OI scholars.

However, what’s new is that we are here at one of (if not the) innovation hubs of the world. We have more than 60 industry attendees, which will certainly change the character and the tone of the discussions. This was always the goal of the first WOIC, but being two hours away in Napa Valley (while a delightful experience) limited the number of industry people who could sneak out for a day.

Stay tuned for more updates on WOIC 2015.

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