November 13, 2015

World Open Innovation Conference 2015: Final Program

The #WOIC2015 program has been finalized, with last minute changes in titles and (alas) a few last-minute cancellations. Never having done this before, we (Marcel Bogers, Solomon Darwin and I) now have great sympathy for those that do this every year.

Attached is the PDF we will be distributing, and below is an HTML version of the academic program.

Although the conference begins on Thursday at the Santa Clara Marriott in Silicon Valley, there a pre-conference tour of Google on Wednesday that is sold out. Wednesday also includes a welcome reception and the first of two conference dinners.

We have record registration of 160 for this year’s conference. Henry, Marcel and I look forward to seeing everyone (again) next week.
Thu 10:30 AM (Salon D): Modes of Open Innovation; Moderator: Marcel Bogers
Mehdi Bagherzadeh and Sabine Brunswicker Mix and Match: Preferred ‘Mix of Open Innovation Modes’ for Solving Innovation Problems
Roberto Camerani, Stefano Denicolai, Monica Masucci and Giovanni Valentini The Interplay of Inbound and Outbound Open Innovation and its Impact on Firm Performance
Saumya Amarasinghe, Kenneth Husted and Frank Siedlok How Revealing is Revealing?
Thu 10:30 AM (Salon E): Collaboration; Moderator: Sirkka Jarvenpaa
Ann-Kristin Zobel and John Hagedoorn Permeability of Firm Boundaries: Open Innovation and Governance of Contractual Relations
Vasiliki Baka Using an Open Collaborative Platform to Facilitate Interactions Between Academia and Industry
Bernadette Alexa Baumstark Creating Shared Value by Open Innovation: The Case of The Concept Car smart Forvision
Thu 01:30 PM (Salon D): Crowdsourcing; Moderator: Joel West
Ann Majchrzak, Arvind Malhotra, William Bonfield and Steve Myers Co-Creation Crowdsourcing with Front-line Employees: Managing the Emergent Tensions
Francesca Di Pietro, Ann Majchrzak and Andrea Prencipe How Should Entrepreneurs Use the Crowd to Succeed?
Joana Pereira, Gianluigi Viscusi and Christopher Tucci ”What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” Defining the Crowd Organization
Thu 01:30 PM (Salon E): Business Models; Moderator: Henry Chesbrough
Gareth Beeston, Thanassis Tiropanis, Thomas Wainwright and Lisa Harris Establishing Expert Consensus on the Value of Open Data in Open Social Innovation Ideation 
Andrea Mina, David Connell and Jocelyn Probert The ‘Soft Company’ Business Model of High-Tech Growth
Ricarda Bouncken, Sven Laudien and Viktor Fredrich Open Business Model Innovation: How Modularity can Increase or Decrease Business Model Innovation
Thu 03:30 PM (Salon D): Open Innovation Partners; Moderator: Ann Majchrzak
Mirbella Gallareta Negron and Francesco Sandulli The International Breadth of Knowledge Search
Anna-Leena Asikainen and Giovanni Mangiarotti Knowledge Sourcing and Cooperation: Complements or Substitutes?
Tim Minshall, Letizia Mortara and Tomas Ulrichsen University-Industry Partnerships and Open Innovation Implementation: Experiences from Cambridge
Thu 03:30 PM (Salon E): High Tech Industries; Moderator: Dries Faems
David Tamoschus, Christoph Hienerth and Monika Lessl Developing a Framework to Manage a Pharmaceutical Innovation Ecosystem
Joel West Platforms Beyond Software: Open Knowledge Platforms in Biotechnology
Sanjay Jain, Anil Nair and Roger Dunbar Shaping Institutional Logics: The Case of Open Source Software
Thu 06:15 PM (Foyer): Poster Session; Host: Joel West
Philipp Plugmann Patient willingness to transfer personal data to an Open Innovation driven IT Health Care companies
Muhammad Imran and Bernard Forgues Structure of Inter-organizational Networks in Open Innovation
David Grant, Nusa Fain, Beverly Wagner and Neil Kay Open innovation and the view from both ends of the bridge: a case study in new product development
Frédéric Le Roy, Marc Robert and Paul Chiambaretto Size Matters: Innovation Networks, Focal Firm Size and Product Innovation
Bowen Zhang and Xianjun Li Open innovation in latecomer firms: BYD in the electric vehicle industry
Minna Komulainen New business models and digitalization in Finnish wood products industry
Elena M Gimenez Fernandez and Francesco Sandulli Cooperation and Outsourcing for Innovation: Friends or Foes?
Gabriele Santoro, Stefano Bresciani and Alberto Ferraris Open Social Innovation: What Future?
Romaric Servajean-Hilst and Sihem Jouini Vertical Open Innovation Governance: Dyadic Configurations, Innovation Maturity and Relationships
Ana Paula Paes Leme Barbosa, Mario Salerno and Paulo Nascimento Differences in building and managing innovation networks by partnership nature
Daniel Ehls and Cornelius Herstatt Appropriating knowledge from external individuals in dyadic firm collaborations
Bernadette Alexa Baumstark A Multi-Method Analysis of External Innovation Partners Based on fs/QCA and Tobit Regression
Maral Mahdad, Seyed Kamran Bagheri, Andrea Piccaluga and Alberto Di Minin Open Innovation Strategies of Iranian SMEs Within An Artificially Closed Innovation System
Fri 10:30 AM (Salon D): Open Innovation Practices; Moderator: Tim Minshall
Willem Posthouwer and Dries Faems Managing the Fuzzy Front-End of Open Innovation 
Thomas Mack and Christian Landau Who wins open innovation contests? An analysis of individual-level determinants of idea innovativeness
Erik Kayser, Jacob Peterson and Mats Dunmar How to develop new growth engines through Open Innovation
Fri 10:30 AM (Salon E): Open Innovation in SMEs; Moderator: Sabine Brunswicker
Cristina Marullo, Chiara De Marco, Alberto Di Minin and Andrea Piccaluga The “Hidden” Costs of Open Innovation in SMEs: From Theory to Practice
Freek Meulman, Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Isabelle Reymen and Georges Romme Searching for Partners in Open Innovation: How to Overcome the Constraints of Local Search
Katie Hyslop Exploring the Network for SME Open Innovation: A Multiple Case Study
Fri 01:30 PM (Salon D): Strategy & Capabilities; Moderator: Marcel Bogers
Neil Kay, Nusa Fain and Beverly Wagner Exploring Inside-In Open Innovation: A Case Study
Elena Casprini, Alfredo De Massis, Alberto Di Minin, Federico Frattini and Andrea Piccaluga Making Family-Driven Innovation Happen: Evidence from the Loccioni Case Study
Joseph Miller, John Ettlie and John Angelis Old Dogs and a New Trick: Strategy Identification of the Leading Open Incumbent and Nascent Firms
Fri 01:30 PM (Salon E): Open Innovation Networks; Moderator: Joel West
Myriam Cloodt, Fathiro Hutama Reksa Putra, George Romme and Michel van der Borgh Value Creation within Campus-Based Ecosystems: Toward Evidence-Based Guidelines 
António Santos Determinants of Open Innovation in Clusters: The Portuguese Case
Andy Zynga, Dirk Lüttgens, Christoph Ihl and Frank Piller Successful and Sustainable Implementation of Open Innovation: An Empirical Analysis
Fri 03:30 PM (Salon D): Challenges of Open Innovation; Moderator: John Hagedoorn
Shigemi Yoneyama, Sarah Lai Yin Cheah and Kazuma Edamura How Open Should Innovation Be: Exploring the Balance Between Internal and External Technology Sourcing
Karen Robson, Ian McCarthy and Jeremy de Beer Understanding and Responding to Unsanctioned Use of Intellectual Property by User Innovators
Jeremiah Johnson, Ann Majchrzak and Sabine Brunswicker The Paradox of Minority Dissent in Corporate Innovation Challenges
Fri 03:30 PM (Salon E): Industry Perspectives; Moderator: John Ettlie
Jason Li-Ying, Yuandi Wang and Jin Chen Open Innovation Through Licensing: How do Chinese Firms do and Why Should You Care?
Arman Sadreddin and Andrea Schiffauerova The Impact of Open Innovation on Firms' Performance in the Nanotechnology Industry
Snehal Awate, Marcelo Cano-Kollmann, T.J. Hannigan, Komal Kaikini and Ram Mudambi Shaking Hands with Knives Behind Their Backs? Open Innovation Amongst Industry Laggards

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