June 21, 2016

Research Policy added to FT journal list

Today the Financial Times announced that it has updated its list of journals used for ranking global business schools. The newspaper counts the per capita faculty publications in these journals to calculate the research ranking of faculty, and this research score accounts for 10% of the Global MBA, Executive MBA and Online MBA rankings.

The previous list of 45 FT journals was published in 2012, and an earlier list of 40 journals appeared around 2003. Based on a vote this month by the deans of 140 business schools, nine journals were added to the FT list
  • Human Relations
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of Management Information Systems
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
  • Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  • Research Policy
  • Review of Economic Studies
  • Review of Finance
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
and four were dropped
  • Academy of Management Perspecties
  • California Management Review
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • RAND Journal of Economics
The complete list of journals is listed below. In an email to the deans, the FT explained its decision:
The starting point of this review was to look at the journals that contribute the least to the research rank. Given that the list is limited by nature, it is important to “capture” as much of the research published by business school faculty as possible in leading journals, if not necessarily in the most selective ones. However, it was never meant to demote nor to promote any journals. The FT list of journals is not a ranking. …  It is likely that 50 will be the upper limit for this list. So future reviews will also look at potential journals to drop and their replacement.
As an associate editor of Research Policy, I can say that the editorial board is very proud of the recognition that comes from being added to this list. While subjectively many would consider RP on par with journals such as Journal of Business Venturing and Journal of Management Information Systems, by Google’s ranking of high-impact (h5 index) papers it ranks at the top of Entrepreneurship & Innovation journals.

It is unclear what impact any of these changes will have upon business school hiring and promotion. US business schools tend to use the Business Week rankings while the rest of the world uses the FT rankings. Unlike in Europe, few American business schools have an innovation or technology management department, which means that innovation scholars tend to be found in strategy, management, entrepreneurship or operations management departments.

Still, it seems like a good omen for innovation studies in Europe and the rest of the world, and should bring RP greater visibility in the U.S. I remember when I was up for tenure in 2005, the department tenure committee was questioning my 2003 RP publication (which until recently was my most cited journal article). “What is Research Policy?” one of the committee members asked another colleague (who could offer the answer). Hopefully there will be less of that going forward.

List of 50 Journals Used in FT MBA Rankings
  1. Academy of Management Journal 
  2. Academy of Management Review 
  3. Accounting Review 
  4. Accounting, Organisations and Society 
  5. Administrative Science Quarterly 
  6. American Economic Review 
  7. Contemporary Accounting Research 
  8. Econometrica 
  9. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 
  10. Harvard Business Review 
  11. Human Relations
  12. Human Resource Management 
  13. Information Systems Research 
  14. Journal of Accounting and Economics 
  15. Journal of Accounting Research 
  16. Journal of Applied Psychology 
  17. Journal of Business Ethics 
  18. Journal of Business Venturing 
  19. Journal of Consumer Psychology 
  20. Journal of Consumer Research 
  21. Journal of Finance 
  22. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 
  23. Journal of Financial Economics 
  24. Journal of International Business Studies 
  25. Journal of Management
  26. Journal of Management Information Systems
  27. Journal of Management Studies 
  28. Journal of Marketing 
  29. Journal of Marketing Research 
  30. Journal of Operations Management 
  31. Journal of Political Economy 
  32. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
  33. Management Science 
  34. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
  35. Marketing Science 
  36. MIS Quarterly 
  37. Operations Research 
  38. Organization Science 
  39. Organization Studies 
  40. Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes 
  41. Production and Operations Management 
  42. Quarterly Journal of Economics 
  43. Research Policy
  44. Review of Accounting Studies 
  45. Review of Economic Studies
  46. Review of Finance
  47. Review of Financial Studies 
  48. Sloan Management Review 
  49. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
  50. Strategic Management Journal 
A merged version of the 2003, 2012 and 2016 lists can be found on Google Drive.

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