July 3, 2020

Latest Conference Research on Innovation Ecosystems

On June 18-19, we were scheduled to hold an ecosystem conference in Copenhagen, at the end of the annual DRUID conference. The conference was for papers being developed for a special issue of Research Policy, entitled “Innovation Ecosystems and Ecosystem Innovation.” Alas, disease, travel restrictions and economic collapse cancelled those plans.

Instead we held an online conference, modeled on the earlier 2012 conference for the Open Innovation special issue of Research Policy.

With the online conference, we had the same guest editors as originally planned: Carliss Baldwin, Marcel Bogers, Rahul Kapoor and Joel West. As with the original conference plans — and the 2012 conference for the earlier SI — the goal was to have a developmental workshop, to both highlight good work and improve the quality of the eventual submissions.


The conference had three keynotes. As noted previously, the two keynotes on Friday focused on publishing in Research Policy and in the special issue.

Thursday’s opening keynote by Carliss Baldwin was provocatively entitled “A Scientific Theory of Ecosystems (and Platforms).” Not surprisingly, it provided a sneak peak into the ecosystems chapter of her forthcoming Design Rules (Volume 2), which is being released in chapter form on SSRN.


We also invited presentation of the same 22 papers accepted for the originally planned for a face to face conference. They were presented in eight sessions in two parallel tracks across the two days.
  1. Maksim Belitski, Gimme Shelter or Fade Away: Innovation Ecosystems, Firm Productivity and Innovation
  2. Federica Ceci, Ecosystem Dynamics and Platform Survival: An Empirical Investigation of Anonymous Online Blackmarkets
  3. Carmelo Cennamo , Distinguishing Between Platforms and Ecosystems: Complementarities, Value Creation and Coordination Mechanisms
  4. Maria Halbinger, Fixing Your 3D Printer: How Community-Based Ecosystems Solve Tool-Related Problems and Enable Innovation
  5. Marianne Harbo Frederiksen, The Birth of an Innovation Ecosystem: An Engagement Intensity Approach to the Danish Drone Ecosystem
  6. Jianxi Luo, An Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem Strategy: Suntech and the Rise of a New Solar PV Ecosystem in China
  7. Milan Miric, How Does Competition Influence the Innovative Effort of Self-Rewarded Innovators? Evidence from a Mobile Application Marketplace
  8. Sven Niederhoefer, Betting on the Right Horse: Ecosystem Participation Strategies in the Smart Home Market
  9. Paul Olk, Creating New Models of Ecosystem Leadership: The Role of R&D Consortia in the Alzheimer’s Research Ecosystem
  10. Ksenia Podoynitsyna, Activity Configuration as Part of Ecosystem Strategy: Implications for Firm Performance
  11. Yovin Sadasing, Building and Shaping a Platform-based Ecosystem in a Nascent Market by a Start-up
  12. Jens Schmidt, Microfoundations of Integration in Innovation Ecosystems
  13. Sime Serge, How Do Focal Firms’ Technology and Actor Ecosystem Complexity Affect Value Creation? Evidence from the Semiconductor Industry
  14. Sungyong Um, The Role of Exogenous Codebases in the Success of Digital Products in Digital Platform Ecosystems: A Network Perspective
  15. Richard Tee, Open Standards and the Dynamics of Platform Competition: Analyzing the Nascent Podcasting Ecosystem
  16. Marc Van Dyck, Platform Leadership in an Emerging Industrial Ecosystem: Managing Strategic Openness
  17. Dennis van Kampen, Managing Legacy: Developing Ecosystems Against a Backdrop of Existing Relations and Interdependencies
  18. Wim Vanhaverbeke, The Dynamics of Establishing and Orchestrating an Ecosystem to Enter a New Market: The Case of the Pet Pack Dog Insurance in Belgium
  19. Pegah Yaghmaie, The Roles of Different Actors in the Belgian and Dutch Nano-electronics Innovation Ecosystems: Extending the Framework With Knowledge Partners
  20. Markos Zachariadis, Building Platform Ecosystems in Banking: Challenges and Trade-offs in Response to Regulatory Change in the UK
  21. Huanren Zhang, Cooperation and Competition in Innovation Ecosystem
  22. Marina Zhang, The Emergence and Development of China’s Mobile Payments Industry: An Ecosystem Perspective
Virtual arrangements chair Marcel Bogers rounded up seven celebrity discussants: Oliver Alexy, Erkko Autio, Henry Chesbrough, Ann Majcharzak, Geoffrey Parker, PK Toh and Marshall van Alstyne. As both a moderator and author, I know the authors greatly appreciate their insights and perspective.


In addition to these papers, we had 11 poster presentations — most accepted based on an extended abstract rather than full paper:
  • Roman Barwinski, Towards Conceptualizing Legitimation in Ecosystems in the Digital Age: Insights from 3D-Printing
  • Thomas Hurni, Striving for Trust in Ecosystems - How Cooperation Emerges Between Competitors
  • Ivana Kostovska , Ecosystem Interdependence: Identifying Challenges for Effective Ecosystem Orchestration
  • Jennifer Kuan, How DARPA Modularized the Semiconductor Industry
  • Lucas Miehe, Heterogeneous Innovation Ecosystem Governance Strategies to Manage Complementors
  • Debora Moretti, Investigating Orchestration When Ecosystems Start to Converge
  • Maria Jose Murcia, Orchestrating a Sustainability-oriented Innovation Ecosystem: The Case of FPInnovations and the Canadian Forest Products Industry
  • Roser Pujadas, Digital Interfacing and the Dynamics of Digital Ecosystems: Lessons from an Online Travel Ecosystem
  • Fabien Rezac, Exploring Orchestration of Value Co-creation Processes in Ecosystems
  • Masaharu Tsujimoto, The Integrative Capabilities of Emerging Ecosystems — The Case of Contactless IC “FeliCa” Ecosystems
  • Yuan Zhou, Exploring Network Communities in Innovation Ecosystem: Moderating Effects of Collaboration Complementarity